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A Reputable Wholesaler Supporting Aquaculture and Agriculture For Over 20 Years

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Larvae Feed
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Water Treatment
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Feed Additive
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Plant Based Agrochemical
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Bio Insecticide
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Oil Based

With over twenty years of experience, Nutricode International harvests its nutrition-rich artemia cysts with a high hatching rate worldwide.

Providing high-grade saponin in powder, liquid, and tea seed meal across multiple industries to help you with your needs.

Quality Assured

Nutricode provides great quality products time and time again. We will provide the best for you and your team with every single order.

Fully Bonded

We stand behind our promise to ensure we deliver the quality products you require for all your needs.

Highly Experienced

We have been a pioneer in the aquaculture and agriculture industries since 1999 and have rapidly become a major Artemia and Saponin supplier worldwide.

Impeccable Reputation

Our comprehensive and growing list of clients speaks for our reputation. Nutricode International stands behind our company and the people we serve.

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