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About Us

Providing Quality Products with a Sustainable Supply

Nutricode International has served the Aquaculture and Agriculture industries by providing wholesale Artemia and Saponin since 1999. With over ten production and breeding centers, Nutricode has rapidly become the largest and most reputable global provider, approved and respected by major industry brands. 

Nutricode's global network includes Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. We have recently set up our U.S. branch in California to better service and provide sufficient inventory to support the rapid growth of our North America and South American markets.

Nutricode continues to work diligently on research and development, investing in innovative technology to maximize the value of our sustainable resources and create a zero-waste process.

We've now added further product lines including larvae feed, additive and supplements; probiotic; disinfectant; water treatment to better service the aquaculture and agriculture industries.

10+ Resource and Processing Base

20+ Years Experience in Aqua/Agri Industry

30+ Countries Distribution


Let’s Work Together

2100 Geng Rd. #210

Palo Alto, CA 94303

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