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Need help maintaining your Agriculture? Nutricode is here to help. Our environmentally friendly additives will prevent pests and help your harvest grow to its fullest potential.

Our R&D team is willing to partner with you on developing Plant Based Agrochemical products including: Adjuvant, Synergist, Wetting Agent, Bio Molluscicide, and Bio Insecticide.

Plant-Based Agrochemical

An excellent botanical agent and natural nonionic surfactant for liquid and water-soluble pesticides. This eco-friendly saponin is self-degradable and non-toxic. During the separation process it will not impact the chemical property and lasting effect of the pesticide. Saponin is widely applied with herbicides and insecticides. Saponin can improve the adhesive force and wet absorption and enhance the penetration and biological activity of Glyphosate. It is exceedingly compatible with insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide to efficiently improve the effectiveness and reduce the dosage of pure herbicides to 50%-70%.

Saponin, found in the camellia plant, is one of the best natural noniconic surfactants and can be widely used in various applications. There is a growing trend for using plant-derived compounds as an alternative to chemicals or synthetics. With the demand for eco-friendly and healthy applications in the pharmaceutical, personal care, home care, Saponins are eco-friendly and lower production costs.

Key Features
- Wetting Agent: provides quick wetting, more uniform coverage, and improves suspending rate 
- Synergist: diffusing agent in emulsion pesticide that improves physicochemical property and increases rainwater washing out ability
- Adjuvant: for aqueous solutions pesticide, it helps maintain the pesticide at a PH value of 5.0-7.p.

Image by Dan Meyers
Plant-Based Agrochemical

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